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I am not here to compete—neurodivergent adults accessing neurodiversity affirming care is the goal.  Whilst I cannot make any guarantees that you will find a good fit, the practitioners listed here are active in community groups, and regularly attend ND-led professional development on neuroaffirming practice.


Neuroaffirming (& Anti-Diet) Dietitians

Accredited Practicing Dietitians (APD) are highly skilled evidence-based practitioners who are qualified to provide nutrition and dietary advice. A neuroaffirming APD can help neurodivergent clients access snacks and meals which meet their dietary, sensory, and executive function needs. The anti-diet approach in dietetics focuses on rejecting diet culture (restrictive eating patterns, weight obsession, and misinformation about weight = health) and emphasizes body acceptance, intuitive eating, and health & wellbeing.

Cheese, Berries and Crackers

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