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Delineating neurotypes, disability, & trauma

Is it trauma or is it autism / ADHD?


It's time to put this false dichotomy to bed.

Why 'Not A Venn Diagram?' Well, there is a common misconception that autism has "symptoms", and that these "symptoms" are difficult to differentiate from symptoms of trauma (e.g., comparing symptoms of two disorders).


I hope to shift this perspective by highlighting that comparing autism/ADHD (neurotypes) and trauma (mental health) is comparing apples and oranges. That is, traits of a neurotype and experiences of disability are conceptually distinct from symptoms of trauma.

Join me in exploring the reasons for this common barrier to identification, and learn clear, practical ways to delineate neurotypes, trauma, & disability (based on evidence and community lived experience).

Attendees will have access to a recording for 30 days

Jun 2023

Oct 2023

Feb 2024

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