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Marie is a clinical psychologist, researcher, & Neurodiversity advocate. She loves animals, especially cheetah & elephants. In her spare time, Marie likes to draw, paint, watch sci-fi & Marvel movies, & play piano, guitar, & Nintendo.

  • Marie is completing her PhD at La Trobe University; aiming to contribute to a more accurate & affirming understanding of Autistic experiences through co-production with the community.

  • Founding Committee Member of the OTARC Autistic Advisory Group

  • Marie completed a unit on Autism research at Cambridge University (UK) in 2014 & is excited by how far the research has come.

  • Marie was part of the academic teaching team at the University of Melbourne from 2018-2021, teaching third-year psychology units Social & Emotional Development over the Lifespan and Psychopathology. 

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Master of Psychology (Clinical)

The University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Swinburne University of Technology

Bachelor of Psychological Science



Peaches is a very, VERY fluffy Turkish Van who loves watching animal documentaries. She is a fantastic research assistant, and very helpfully sits on Marie's laptop when she is writing reports or research proposals.


Daisy is a very confident & adventurous ragdoll who performs an operetta of woes told "no". Daisy is much less helpful than Peaches, & often climbs onto Marie's head if Daisy feels the laptop is getting more attention than her.

Unfortunately Peaches & Daisy won't be at the clinic as (like most cats & Auties) they feel stressed in unfamiliar places. They could also pose a risk to any clients who have suppressed / compromised immune systems.

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