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Ideal for:

  • Experienced therapists wanting to offer existing clients an accessible assessment experience

  • Beginner - intermediate level assessors wanting to hone their skills

  • Those who learn best through discussion and practical application of learning

  • Low income earners (training cost < average cost of 1 x assessment)

  • Those who need a report template to help hone their report writing skills

We are Marie Camin & Esther Fidock and we are passionate about neuroaffirming assessment which does not compromise evidence-based practice. We are both ADOS and MIGDAS trained assessors with several years experience in assessing autism. 


We developed this workshop in 2023 to meet the need for growing demand in adult autism assessment, and a concerning lack of neuroaffirming services available to adults. We are proud of the several cohorts we have already supported through this journey.

The workshop is delivered as a two-day, interactive training, including breakout rooms to workshop skills. A fundamental understanding of the Autistic neurotype and neurodiversity affirming paradigm will be assumed knowledge.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify Autistic traits in existing therapy clients

  • Rationalise choice of screening/diagnostic tools

  • Rule-in autism as a valid diagnosis

  • Understand the diverse ways Autistic adults present

  • Consider potential differentials & multiply ND

  • Summarise someone's story with an affirming narrative

No training course, no matter how thorough, can replace 1:1 supervision. Supervision is absolutely essential for any psychologist upskilling in this area. We cannot stress this enough.

To foster a sense of safety and respect attendees' privacy, the workshop runs live & will not be recorded.

Day 1

Fri 19 Jul

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (AEST)

Day 2

Sat 20 Jul

9:30 AM - 3:30 PM (AEST)



We offer a reduced cost of $900 for 5 attendees who identify as Autistic & are a low-income earners.

Registrations are now open. Places are limited & usually sell out quickly.

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