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Workshop Series:
Adult Autism Assessment

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We have noticed an increase in enquiries from clinicians wanting to upskill in adult autism assessment. The are keen to diversify their skillset and/or meet the needs of their existing clients who may be unidentified Autistic.


We have developed this four part series to meet that need. This series does not replace 1:1 supervision, which is essential for any psychologist upskilling in this area.


It will be delivered in a blended webinar / workshop format, including breakout rooms to workshop skills. A fundamental understanding of the Autistic neurotype and neurodiversity affirming paradigm will be assumed knowledge. Groups will be capped at 14 attendees, to foster a supportive, community space.


To foster a sense of safety and respect attendees' privacy, the sessions will not be recorded.

We have decided to keep the cost accessible, particularly to reduce barriers for Autistic clinicians who are more likely to be under-earning due to disability (#NothingAboutUsWithoutUs). It works out to $150/hr.


Cost: $1,200 (8 hours)

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theoretical frameworks

& tools

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criteria A:

social & communication

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criteria B:

regulation &


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next steps


& reports


2024 TBA

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