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The Epic Infodump for Newly Identified Autistic Adults

No need to keep track of 40 browser tabs when you embark on the inevitable deep-dive into your neurotype. I have collated key info & resources to get you started, including tips for your friends, fam, & health professionals.​ 

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Telling your child they are Autistic

Dr Josie Barbaro & Marie Camin for The Conversation

A quick read with practical tips for parents/caregivers on telling children they are Autistic. By understanding themselves at an earlier age, autistic people can feel empowered, advocate for themselves, and gain access to supports and services earlier.

Supporting Autistic Girls & Gender Diverse Youth by YLB

You will find my contributions in chapter 4, Managing Mental Health. I donated my time to this project because I believe in the work that YLB are doing to catalyse large-scale change for our community. This book is a phenomenal resource for parents, carers, educators, and allied health who support Autistic young people.

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