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autism assessment

I want to know if I am Autistic




Adults 18+

Virtual (end-to-end encrypted)


Includes ADHD screening

​Includes a diagnostic summary i.e. summary of test results & any formal diagnoses made.


Extended report (optional)​: $450 - includes a write-up of relevant background info, test results, evidence from diagnostic interviews, any formal diagnoses made, & recommendations.


I have already had an autism assessment with another service & I disagree with the outcome




Very limited availability


Adults 18+

Virtual (end-to-end encrypted)


You will need to consent to Marie communicating with &/or obtaining assessment materials from the previous service.

​Includes a written summary with second opinion, including any formal diagnoses made.


Please note that this is an identification ("diagnostic") service, and likely won't be enough for accessing NDIS funding. So, what's the difference? Happy to explain!


Identification (diagnostic assessment) asks the question "Am I Autistic?" and then gathers enough information to confidently answer either yes or no.


A functional assessment (AKA "functional capacity assessment") asks the question, "how much is this person being actively disabled by their environment? And what are the practical impacts of disability for them?"


Applications for NDIS funding generally require a functional assessment in addition to a "diagnosis." They want evidence that funding is what they call, "reasonable and necessary". The NDIS does not consider a diagnosis to be enough to justify funding. I am happy to add this assessment on to the identification, on a case by case basis, as it takes many hours to write these reports, and therefore can get pricey for the client.

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